Xxterra Herbal Paste (1 oz)

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Xxterra Herbal Paste (1 oz)

Xxterra Herbal Paste for Immune Stimulation alters the antigenicity of a sarcoid to stimulate the host's immune system and result in an immune rejection reaction of the sarcoid. XXterra is an herbal formulation of bloodroot powder and zinc chloride solution, combined and stirred into a smooth brown paste. Bloodroot contains sanguinarine, chelarathrine and protopine, all of which are alkaloids. Zinc chloride promotes inflammation of the sarcoid’s surface and, with the alkaloids, alters the sarcoid cells so they become antigenic to the host. Up to 20% of sarcoids may return within 60 days after removal, but a second treatment with XXterra is usually effective. The less then 2% which return a third time, usually do not recur following a final treatment. Severe reaction on sarcoids with scar formation is to be expected.

For topical use in horses

  • For optimal use, apply to sarcoid once daily for 4 days. Let rest for 7-10 days.
  • Portion application by covering the entire sarcoid as well as the surrounding perimeter (about half an inch).
  • Additional applications may be required, repeat if needed.
  • Note: If sarcoid is located by cartilage in ear, a hole could occur.
  • If product comes in contact with eyes rinse thoroughly with water. Wash hands after each application.


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