Breeder's Edge ID Me Perfect Training Collar for Dogs & Cats, 5 pk

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Breeder's Edge ID Me Perfect Training Collar for Dogs & Cats, 5 pk

Breeder's Edge® ID Me Perfect Fit Collars are tightly woven nylon collars with a sewn in elastic panel. The elastic will stretch to allow the pet to slip out of the collar if caught. Each collar features a strap keeper to hold excess material.

The Perfect Training Collars are lightweight and fully elastic stretch collars that are ideal for the supervised collar training of dogs, cats, puppies and kittens. Once the animal is trained to comfortably wear a collar (with an ID Tag), they are ready for any collar.

The ID Me Perfect Fit cat and dog ID tag collars are adjustable and washable. Each collar is 1/2" x 14" and attaches with a ladder lock buckle. For a perfect fit, the collars are easily cut and sealed.

These cat and dog collars come in five assorted colors and the bright colors will not fade. These kitten and puppy collars are not intended for use with a leash.


  • Kitten and puppy training collar
  • Washable
  • Training collar helps puppies and kittens adjust to wearing a collar
  • Adjustable collar size
  • Comes in 5 bright colors


For adult dogs and cats, measure the neck allowing two fingers between the neck and collar. For puppies and kittens, measure the neck and allow for growth. Cut the collar with a sharp scissors in one clean cut to avoid fraying. Carefully and quickly touch the cut end of the collar to any hot surface like a hot iron to melt the nylon fibers to close the end. Let the melted end cool before using. Monitor daily for fit.

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