Doc Roys Absorb More for Dog & Cat, 454 gm

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Doc Roys Absorb More for Dog & Cat, 454 gm

A comprehensive formulation of 14 high-quality, natural plant enzymes. Doc Roy's Absorb More provides digestive enzymes that support the efficient digestion of nutrients in a pet's daily diet. Absorb More can be used in animals of all ages and is beneficial to digestion while supporting a healthy immune system and weight management. Comes in a highly palatable chicken liver flavor to ensure all pets will readily consume the supplement.


  • Doc Roy's Absorb More helps maximize nutritional absorption from your dog or cat's food
  • It can be beneficial for pets with poor nutrient absorption, excessive shedding, dull haircoat, lack of energy, skin problems, weight issues, and stool-eating
  • Supports a healthy digestive system and can help with gas/flatulence
  • Contains ingredients that aid in the digestion of fat, protein, fiber, and carbohydrates
  • Great taste pets love
  • for dogs and Cats


Use ¼ tsp per cup of pet food - sprinkle over the food—double dosage for pets over 8 years old.


Alpha-Amylase, Alpha-Galactosidase, Beta-Gluconase, Bromelain, Cellulase, Chicken Liver Powder, Hemicellulase, Lipase, Malt Diastase, Pectinase, Peptidase, Phytase, Protease 3.0, Protease 4.5, Protease 6.0.