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Product Description

ADAPTIL Dog Calming Spray, the original dog pheromone spray from Ceva Animal Health, helps calm and comfort your dog on the go. Scientifically proven and trusted by veterinarians and pet owners worldwide for over 15 years, more than 5 million dogs have benefitted from ADAPTIL. Best used before travel, veterinary visits or any time your dog could benefit from extra comfort and reassurance.

Adaptil will naturally help to reassure your pet in these challenging situations and create a more relaxed environment for them. The natural solution to stress related travel problems in dogs. The spray can be used inside and outside making it suitable for spraying on to bedding, cars, travel cages and of course the home. Use in car to combat the fear of travelling or travel sickness.


  • Adaptil is the #1 Vet recommended solution to help dogs adjust to challenging situations and curb stress related unwanted behaviors, like barking, chewing, tumbling, and more
  • Over 90% effective and is clinically proven to effectively reduce anxiety & unwanted behavior in 90%+ of dogs, by making them feel safer, calmer, and less stressed
  • Proven to reduce signs of travel stress including panting, shaking, vomiting and restlessness
  • Drug free calming solution: Adaptil dog calming spray is 100% drug free, and mimics a mothers natural nursing pheromones, which helps dogs to feel safe and calm
  • Each application lasts 4-5 hours, and can be sprayed in the car, on collars, shirts, leashes, bandanas, blankets, crates, and more

Directions for Use

Spray 8 to 10 pumps of ADAPTIL at least 15 minutes before the dog is introduced in the environment (car, carrier, kennel etc): one spray should be administered to each of the 4 corners, 2 sprays to the floor and 2 sprays to the top of the carrier or kennel. The effect should last approximately 4 to 5 hrs.

When transporting your dog on long journeys, we recommend re-spraying the travel carrier or the interior of the vehicle (with the dog removed from the carrier or the car).

Please wait 15 minutes for alcohol evaporation.


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