Breeder's Edge OB Lubricant For Dogs & Cats (5 oz)

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Breeder's Edge OB Lubricant For Dogs & Cats

Breeder's Edge® OB Lubricant for general and obstetrical procedures is a ready-to-use, non-spermicidal, water-soluble lubricating gel that can be used in general and obstetrical procedures. This cat and dog lube can be used to lubricate gloves, obstetrical instruments, feeding tubes, AI pipettes for dogs and cats. Can be diluted to desired viscosity. Stainless and odorless formula. Non-sterile and non-toxic ob lube for animals.

This cat and dog lubricant contains fermented dextrose which is a form of energy for cells. When sperm cells have increased energy, they become more mobile. The fermented dextrose in OB Lubricant will support the sperm motility rate for the fertility path. Since the dextrose is fermented the sugar is not available to cause a yeast infection or irritate the vaginal wall.


  • Suitable For Use in All Breeds of Dogs & Cats.
  • OB lube for animals for general and obstetrical procedures.
  • Non-spermicidal lube for dogs and cats.
  • Stainless, odorless, water-soluble, non-toxic cat and dog lube.
  • Dilutable to desired viscosity.
  • Ideal for gloves, obstetrical instruments, AI pipettes, feeding tubes.
  • Promotes sperm motility.


This cat and dog lube may be used as is or diluted. To use as a delivery aid, mix with water to desired viscosity.


Water, Glycerin, Hydroxypropyl Methylcellulose, Fermented Dextrose and Dextrin.

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