VetriScience Composure Calming Supplement for Cats (30 soft chews) Trout Flavor

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VetriScience Composure Treats for Cats

Composure Cats Chews help to soothe anxious or stressed cats by promoting a calm demeanor. It works well for thunderstorms, fireworks, trips, visits to the vet, adjustments in routine, and other situations. Our special blend contains scientifically backed ingredients that aid in keeping your cat calm without any negative effects. As Composure is a supplement, it's appropriate to increase your cat's dosage by two or three times during periods of increased stress.

The patented Colostrum Calming Complex Biopeptide Blend, along with Thiamine (Vitamin B1) and L-Theanine, collaborate to promote balanced behavior and a calm state of mind. These specific components have been proven to aid in reducing stress and undesired actions. Composure is created using ingredients sourced from nature and crafted into a tasty chew that cats truly enjoy!


  • Cat Composure Treats uses the natural power of Colostrum, L-Theatine, and Thiamine to ease nervousness without affecting your cat's personality.
  • Composure is a veterinarian-formulated calming formula and has been approved by our Veterinary review board to support behavior issues in cats.
  • Composure soft chews have a tasty, chicken Liver flavor that cats love.
  • Composure begins working in 20-30 minutes. Dosing can be doubled or tripled to achieve the desired result.

Directions for Use:

Give 1 - 2 chews daily. The product can be given daily or on an as-needed basis. It is safe to double or triple the dose in times of increased stress.


What Are Composure Cat Treats?

Composure cat treats are snacks created to help cats relax and stay calm. Commonly, these snacks are made with calming ingredients like chamomile, L-theanine, as well as different vitamins and minerals. They are designed to alleviate stress, anxiety, and nervous habits in cats, making them perfect for scenarios such as trips to the vet, traveling, or changes in the environment.

How Long Does Composure for Cats Last?

The effectiveness duration of composure supplements for cats may differ based on factors like the cat's metabolism, dosage given, and the product's formulation. Typically, calming supplements are created to provide a slow release of relaxation effects that can remain effective for several hours following ingestion. Nevertheless, it is crucial to adhere to the manufacturer's suggested dosage and seek advice from a veterinarian regarding the duration of the effects for your cat's individual requirements.

Is VetriScience Laboratories Composure Safe for Cats?

Vetriscience Composure For Cats is typically deemed safe for cats when used as instructed. Nevertheless, it is important to adhere to the prescribed dosage guidelines given by the manufacturer or your vet. Moreover, it is advisable to seek advice from your vet before adding any new supplements or medications to your cat's routine, especially if your cat has existing health issues or is on other medications.

What is The Side Effect of Vetriscience Composure Feline?

Vetri Science Composure Feline usually causes mild and rare side effects, like gastrointestinal issues, such as vomiting or diarrhea, in certain cats. In addition, some cats might feel sleepy or lack energy, especially when they first begin taking the supplement or if they are given too much. After giving your cat Composure Feline, it is important to keep a close eye on them and seek advice from your vet if you see any worrying signs or if side effects continue.

What is The Difference of Cat Composure Treats to Composure Pro?

The primary difference between cat composure treats and composure Pro lies in their formulation and intended use. Cat composure treats are typically formulated as soft chews or treats designed to be easily administered to cats and are primarily used for promoting relaxation and reducing stress and anxiety in everyday situations.

On the other hand, Composure Pro is often formulated as a more potent supplement, sometimes in the form of capsules or tablets, and is designed for more specific or severe cases of anxiety or behavioral issues in cats. Composure Pro may contain higher concentrations of calming ingredients and may be recommended by veterinarians for cats with more significant anxiety or behavioral concerns.

In summary, while both cat composure treats and Composure Pro aim to promote calmness and reduce stress in cats, Composure Pro may be formulated with higher potency and intended for more severe cases or specific behavioral issues.