Durvet Copasure Copper Oxide Supplement 25gm (24 Capsules)

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Product Description

Copasure® 12.5g for Calves (for calves up to 500lbs) and Copasure® 25g for Cattle (for cattle over 500lbs) are copper oxide needles in hard gelatine capsules. Copasure® is a dietary supplement that is used to supplement for copper deficiency.


  • Effective in both primary and secondary copper deficiency.
  • Independently proven to be an effective way of supplementing copper, even in the presence of dietary antagonists, including molybdenum.
  • Easy to use - no injections, no abscesses and no pain or stress to the animal
  • Single application lasts approximately 6 months (i.e. up to 6 times longer than copper injections)
  • Optimum, known amount of copper delivered to each cow and controlled, unlike other methods where greedy cattle may take too much and others not enough
  • Good copper reserves in the mother at birthing, and in her milk, will ensure that her calves have sufficient copper reserves.

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