Finish Line Sweat-Well Powder For Horses

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Finish Line Sweat-Well Powder For Horses

Sweat-Well is a major breakthrough for non-sweaters and works when other products do not. Sweat-Well addresses 7 different systems in the horse that affect sweating: Liver, Immune, Adrenals, Nerves, Kidney, Metabolic and Neurotransmitter Precursors. Sweat-Well was shown to be over 95% effective in field trials.

Liver: A healthy liver regulates the quantity of circulating hormones including adrenal hormones. its break up and discards excess hormones and forms hormones that are deficient. The liver creates proteins that carry the hormones throughout the body. Some of these hormones contribute to sweat function. Sweat-Well contains ingredients that support the liver.

Metabolic: Metabolic function affects all systems and Sweat-Well has ingredients that help support healthy metabolic function.

Immune: The immune system can turn on the body, attacking different systems by mistake. This autoimmune response could be happening in some non-sweater events. Sweat-Well contains ingredients that supports healthy immune function.

Nerves: Sweat-Well includes herbs that neurogenic, which promotes healthy regeneration of nerve cells. Some cases of non-sweaters may be due to neuropathy, poor nerve function at the sweat gland/nerve interface.

Neurotransmitter Precursors: Sweat-Well contains the precursors for adrenal hormones for maintenance of healthy levels of these hormones.

Kidney: The kidneys are also involved in the sweating response and Sweat-Well helps support healthy kidneys.

Adrenal: Adrenal hormones are the primary control for sweat glands. Too little or too much can cause sweat gland disfunction. Sweat-Well contains several adaptogens from herbs to normalize adrenal function.


  • Contains an exclusive formula to help non-sweaters
  • Promotes the healthy function of sweat glands in your horse
  • Adaptablend contains several adaptogens from herbs that help normalize adrenal function. Adrenal hormones are the primary control for sweat glands.
  • Works in 7-10 days
  • Discontinue use 24 hours before USEF competitions

Directions For Use

Please see package for detailed directions and feeding ratios.

Active Ingredients:

Adaptablend, Vitablend & Precursor Blend

Inactive Ingredients:

Flax seed meal, Ginger root, Yellow dock, Goldenseal, Tart cherry, Zinc gluconate, Copper sulfate, Garlic powder, Sodium chloride, Citric acid, Methionine, Licorice root, Alfalfa, Red beet & Potassium sorbate

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