KONG Holiday Cat Confetti Assorted Dog Toy

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Textured, bouncy glitter ball for active play

**Customer may receive either color

Why We Love It

  • Curled ribbon tail sparks natural instincts
  • Bell captivates for extended fun
  • Perfect for Holidays

About KONG

Play is at the heart and soul of what we do at the KONG Company where our roles and core responsibilities are making sure that we fulfill a dog's need to play. We are deeply rooted in the core foundations of building a brand all while making a difference in the world. We believe that it is the heart and soul of play where we get to solve problems for dogs, cats and humans around the globe. We've been spreading these solutions around the globe for over 40 years and continue to build these foundations into new opportunities within the KONG Company. If your ears are perked, then here are some more details on the true benefits of working with us at the KONG Company.


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