Rx Vitamins Rx D3 Forte For Dogs and Cats(2 oz)

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Rx Vitamins Rx D3 Forte For Dogs and Cats

Rx D3™ Forte contains cholecalciferol, the precursor to Vitamin D3 for all animals. The cholecalciferol is blended with MCT oil. The cholecalciferol is blended with MCT oil at a higher concentration than the standard Rx D3. This provides 5 times the potency per drop to better suit the needs of the severely vitamin D3 deficient patient, the larger patient, or any other patient that would benefit from a higher concentration. Rx D3 Forte comes with a glass graduated dropper to facilitate accurate serving size.


Amount per 1 ml:
Vitamin D3 (as cholecalciferol) 15,000 IU
Per one drop    500 IU


  1. Vitamin D3 helps with calcium and phosphorus absorption in the body and helps support immune system health and function.
  2. Vitamin D3 is involved in the regulation of thousands of genes and helps prevent inflammatory diseases once it has been processed by the liver.
  3. Dogs and cats are unable to convert sunlight into Vitamin D and receive all their Vitamin D from food. Rx D3 supports the health of dogs and cats that are not getting enough Vitamin D in their diet.
  4. Suitable For Dogs And Cats.

How To Use

Use as directed by your veterinarian.


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