Vet Basics Chlorconazole Wipes for Dog and Cat, 60 ct

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Vet Basics Chlorconazole Wipes for Dog and Cat, 60 ct

Help keep your pal’s hard-to-reach skin problems under control with Vet Basics Chlorconazole Dog & Cat Wipes. These antibacterial and antifungal wipes have cleansing and nourishing properties, making them well-rounded medicated wipes for cats, horses, and dogs on a twice-weekly basis—plus, its elegant Japanese cherry blossom scent leaves your pal smelling fresh. Paw-fect for managing your fur baby’s skin conditions, these wipes contain chlorhexidine gluconate and ketoconazole, which are powerful yet soothing ingredients that target a number of skin irritations and other dermatological conditions such as ringworm, fungal, yeast, and bacterial skin infections. These flexible wipes help you clean difficult to reach areas like face folds, finger folds, armpits, and groin areas so your pal stays clean and healthy.

  • Contains chlorhexidine gluconate and ketoconazole, which fight bacterial, fungal, yeast, and ringworm infections.
  • Paw-fect for managing hard-to-reach dermatological conditions.
  • These antiseptic wipes effectively cleanse and deodorize as well.
  • Ideal for twice-weekly use on cats, horses, and dogs
  • Features a fresh Japanese cherry blossom scent.


Storage Instructions

Store at controlled room temperature.

Use wipe on affected area up to 3 times daily. Each wipe should be used for one application only; do not reuse.


Chlorhexidine Gluconate 2%, Ketoconazole 1%

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