YuMove Plus for Horses Joint Health Supplement (3.9 lb)

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Product Description

YuMOVE Horse is a premium essential joint support supplement for horses that aids stiff joints, helps mobility and supports joint structure in horses of all ages. YuMOVE is formulated with ActivEase Green Lipped Mussel containing 4x more active Omega 3 than standard competitor versions which, aids the body’s natural anti-inflammatory process to soothe stiff joints. The new improved natural formula has up to 50% more MSM and high strength Glucosamine* that provide the major building blocks of cartilage to support joint health and muscle recovery. It is an easy to give powder formula that you add to your horse’s daily feed.


  • Double strength joint support
  • Aids the body’s own anti-inflammatory process
  • Maintains joint mobility in older stiffer horses or horses in high levels of work
  • See packaging for complete product details. 

Directions for Use

Mix the recommended amounts per body weight on label into food as directed. 


ActivEase® Green Lipped Mussel (4000mg) Glucosamine HCl (7500mg) Hyaluronic Acid (125mg) MSM (7500mg) Natural Vitamin C (500mg) Natural Vitamin E (20mg)

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