U-Gard Gastric Support Solution for Horses (gallon, 32 days)

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U-Gard Gastric Support Solution for Horses

When your trusty steed needs some tummy TLC, turn to Corta-Flx U-GARD Solution Gastric Health Support Horse Supplement, Made with Calcium and Magnesium. This liquid formula can help soothe and coat your horse's gastrointestinal tract and decrease the severity of painful ulcers. Formulated with calcium and magnesium to aid in stomach acid reduction, this solution is designed to help support overall gastric wellness and a healthy stomach lining while maintaining a proper gut pH. Your riding partner will feel good from the inside out with this unique supplement in your arsenal.


  • Designed to support your horse’s healthy stomach lining.
  • Formulated with calcium and magnesium to aid in stomach acid reduction.
  • Contains all-natural ingredients like aloe vera to reduce discomfort.
  • Use it to soothe and coat your equine buddy’s gastrointestinal tract.
  • Made in the USA.

Directions For Use

Using the enclosed scoop, administer as follows with the horse's regular ration.

Weight Daily Feeding (fl oz) Twice Daily
Less than 800 lbs. 1/2
800-1,200 lbs. 1
1,200 lbs.+ 1 1/2


Active Ingredients (per 1 fl oz)

Magnesium 980 mg, Calcium 750 mg, Glycine 10 mg, Zinc 7 mg, Aloe Vera Leaf Powder 2 mg.

Inactive Ingredients

Caramel Color, Guar Gum, Kaolin, Natural & Artificial Cherry Flavoring, Methylcellulose, N-Propyl Alcohol, Pectin, Potassium Sorbate, Propionic Acid, Sodium Benzoate, Water, Xanthan Gum.