Vanilla Knotted Rawhide Bone

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4-5" Single
4-5” 3-Pack

All of our flavored items are flavored in our facility in Michigan. Our flavoring process is truly “Small Batch”. Most rawhides are flavored by placing the items on a conveyor belt and spraying a color on them. Our hand crafted treats are different. We use human grade flavoring.

Each piece is submerged in a vat of flavoring solution, so the flavoring goes all the way through the item. It is much more labor intense, but the quality is superior. Millions of dogs agree!

Frank’s Review on our Flavored Rawhide-

Peanut Butter- “The Smell!!! I can’t get enough of these, they smell so good! The finish is long, thank goodness, with a peanut buttery flavor left all over my tongue.”

Chicken- “Smells like a bowl of homemade chicken noodle soup. The finish is medium, with comfort food left in my brain.”

Cheese- “This one reminds me of trips to Pinconning, Michigan, or even Wisconsin. Love the cheeseheads! The finish is medium, with cheddar flavor on my tongue for several minutes.”

Beef- “Reminds me of a big pot roast dinner cooking on Sunday afternoon. Very tasty with a medium finish.”

Hickory- “Reminds me of sitting by the campfire on a long summer night. Can you say S’mores?? The finish is medium, with a little smokiness lingering on my tongue.”

Blueberry- “What fond memories this flavor brings back! They remind me of travelling to southwest Michigan to visit the many blueberry farms. I couldn’t stop eating them! The finish is long, with the sweet berry flavor keeping my taste buds dancing.”

Bubble Gum- “Can you picture a dog blowing a bubble?! Me either! But the flavor is awesome! The finish is medium, with bubble gum sweetness keeping me happy.”

Vanilla- “The smell of this treat is fabulous! Reminds me of home baked cookies on a cold winter night. The finish is medium, with a buttery vanilla flavor lingering on the sides of my tongue.”

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