MalAcetic HC Wipes (25 ct)

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Product Description

Dechra MalAcetic HC Wipes are convenient wet wipes which are indicated for coat and skin conditions where the following properties would be beneficial to the patient: antifungal, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, anti-pruritic, and barrier repair.

For support of healthy skin for animals with bacterial and/or fungal skin conditions especially when pruritus and inflammation are present.


  • Patented formula for dogs and cats 
  • Antimicrobial, antiseborrheic, and anti-inflammatory
  • Medicated pad that is convenient to use and apply 
  • Cools, relieves and dries irritated skin
  • Contains ceramide complex and hydrocortisone

Directions for Use 

Apply to the affected area as directed by your veterinarian. 


Active Ingredients: 1% acetic acid, 1% boric acid, 1% hydrocortisone, and ceramide complex 

Patented acetic and boric acid based formulation provides these benefits:

  • Cleansing, drying, and acidifying
  • Degreasing and deodorizing
  • Balances skin surface pH making it unfavorable for the overgrowth of fungus/yeast
  • Ceruminolytic, keratolytic, keratoplastic, and astringent actions  

The acetic/boric acid combination has a synergy giving it cidal activity.

Hydrocortisone provides anti-pruritic and anti-inflammatory properties.

Ceramide complex aids in moisturizing, repairing, and restoring dry damaged skin.