Mal-A-Ket Wipes (50 wipes)

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Product Description

Dechra Mal-A-Ket Wipes are recommended by veterinarians to help cure yeast infections in pets prone to these types of infections. These antifungal wipes make it easy to clean between your pet's skin folds to prevent fungus and bacteria from building up in those hard-to-clean places. They are safe for all areas of your pet, including the face, lips and anal areas, so you don't need to worry about cleaning too close to a sensitive area. Giving your pet a few quick wipes between baths will save you time and postpone a full bath. Mal-A-Ket wipes also have antibacterial properties which can help soothe hot spots that can irritate your pet. 


  • Effective in treating bacterial and fungal skin infections in dogs and cats
  • Wipes allow for cleansing and degreasing the skin lesions while treating the infection
  • Mal-A-Ket Wipes are veterinarian recommended in treating localized skin lesions and supporting healthy skin for animals with conditions responsive to ketoconazole and/or chlorhexidine
  • Pre-moistened antiseptic cleansing, degreasing, antimicrobial, and antifungal wipes
  • Safe for all areas of your pet so you don't need to worry about cleaning too close to a sensitive area
  • Good for skin folds, easy to clean between your pet's skin folds to and hard-to-clean places

Directions for Use 

Apply to affected area as directed by your veterinarian.

Store at controlled room temperature 59 - 86 degrees Fahrenheit.


Active Ingredients: 2% acetic acid, 1% ketoconazole, 2% chlorhexidine

2% Chlorhexidine Gluconate, USP

  • Generally used as adjunctive therapy for bacterial skin infections caused by Gram-positive and Gram-negative bacteria.
  • Considered to have residual effects and can remain active on skin after rinsing.1 2% 

Acetic acid

  • Cleansing, acidifying, antibacterial

1% Ketoconazole, USP

  • A synthetic antifungal drug used to treat skin and fungal infections