Pala-Tech Gelling Electrolyte Granule For Horses (10)

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Pala-Tech Gelling Electrolyte Granule For Horses

Pala-Tech™ Equine Gelling Electrolyte is a unique formulation to help keep horses hydrated and minimize the stressors normally associated when trailering, competing, training, etc. The product is a fast-acting oral powder that turns into a long-lasting gel at a targeted pH to support normal fluid and electrolyte balance and intestinal hydration for foals and adult horses.

The gel form provides time-released water retention benefits to the horse to create a water reserve which minimizes the need to hydrate more often saving time and money. Useful for horses and foals needing immediate and long-lasting hydration, foals with scours, and other digestive disturbance conditions causing the horse distress.


  • Provides immediate and sustained hydration to support normal uid and electrolyte balance.
  • Prior to and during trailering or transport.
  • Stressors such as diet change, shipping, weather, etc.
  • Scours or loose stools or G.I. disturbances.
  • Endurance riding, training or sustained performance.
  • To provide hydration and energy to the horse or foal.
  • Easy-to-open, user-friendly recyclable container

Directions For Use

Feed directly as a powder or mix with water. Horses will readily eat the powder, so can be administered any time for on-the-spot action and results.


Guaranteed analysis (per 100 grams)

Salt (NaCl), minimum 3.9%
Salt (NaCl), maximum 4.9%
Sodium (Na), minimum 2.2%
Sodium (Na), maximum 3.2%
Phosphorus 0.1%
Magnesium (Mg), minimum 0.05%
Potassium (K), minimum 0.75%
Pantothenic Acid 159 mg