Absorbine Bigeloil Muscle & Joint Pain Relief Liniment Liquid for Horses

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Bigeloil Horse Liniment Gel

If your horse is sore and achy after a long day of training, the Bigeloil Topical Pain Relief Liniment Liquid from Absorbine could be a welcome relief. Designed as a rub, it quickly stimulates circulation to help relieve soreness in muscles, tendons and joints. Plus, this liquid delivers antiseptic properties and a gentle soothing sensation to your cherished horse.


  • Helps reduce soreness from physical exertion or strain.
  • Designed to reduce the pain of arthritic or stiff joints.
  • Features refreshing antiseptic properties.
  • Can be used as a body wash for horses after strenuous activity

Directions For Use

  • Rub onto affected area 2 to 3 times a day. For faster relief, rub with hair and wrap or blanket, especially overnight.
  • Body Wash: mix 2 to 4 oz. with 1 gal. water, apply with sponge, avoid eyes.
  • Brace: mix 2 to 3 oz. with 1 quart water, apply with sponge to warm horse up before workout, avoid eyes and saddle area.
  • Arthritis: rub onto knees, hocks and fetlocks before workout, apply again at night and lightly wrap.
  • Antiseptic: for minor wounds and skin irritations, apply full strength without rubbing.

Active Ingredients

Menthol 1.25% W/W.

Inactive Ingredients

Fragrance, Green 5, Juniperberry Oil, Methyl Salicylate, Salicyclic Acid, SD Alcohol 40B, Thymol, Water, Yellow 5.


1. Is Bigeloil liniment safe for dogs?
This product can be used on dogs and horses.

2. Can this be used on humans?
This product is for animal use only. It is not suitable for humans.

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