Absorbine Showsheen Hair Polish & Detangler Spray for Horses

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Showsheen Detangler 

This horse detangler and polish helps smooth manes and tails and repels dirt and dust to keep your horse looking shiny and clean. A special Showsheen ingredient helps bring out a stunning shine while vitamins and silk proteins nourish and strengthen her hair.


  • Formulated to detangle manes and tails.
  • Helps repel dust and dirt.
  • Designed to highlight coat color and muscle definition.
  • Vitamins and silk proteins work to nourish and strengthen coats, manes and tails.

Directions For Use

  • For detangling: spray evenly through mane and tail then gently brush out tangles starting from the bottom. Reapply intermittently for tangle-free hair.
  • For a clean and healthy-looking coat remove excess dirt and dust, then evenly apply ShowSheen and brush through in the direction of the hair.
  • For use after bathing: For best results use ShowSheen 2-in-1 Shampoo & Conditioner, rinse thoroughly and remove excess water. Apply ShowSheen to coat, mane and tail, then brush through. No need to rinse off.
  • For easy removal of burrs, sand spurs, and tough tangles: Saturate area with ShowSheen and allow to dry. Starting from the bottom, carefully pick through hair removing burrs, sand spurs and debris as you go.
  • Important: Do not use on the saddle area of the horse. Shake Well. Protect from freezing.


Please refer to the packaging for Ingredients.


1. Can you use this to detangle human hair?
This spray is not designed or tested for humans use.

2. Can I use on poodle hair?
This detangler spray can be used on horses, cattle, dogs, llamas, pigs, camels, goats, alpacas and sheep.

3. Can this be used on cats?
This spray is not recommended for cats as it has not been tested for use on cats/felines.

4. Will this attract dirt/dust?
This horse spray repels dirt and dust.

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