Furminator Adjustable De-Matter Tool For Dog & Cat

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Furminator Adjustable De-Matter Tool For Dog & Cat

The FURminator® Adjustable deMatting Tool offers a safe and effortless solution for removing cat & dog matted hair. It is designed with curved cutting edges prioritizing safety, the innovative FURextender™ button adjusts the edges to effectively address all coat types and lengths. An easy-slide tab securely locks the durable, scratch-resistant stainless-steel edges in place, while the ergonomic nonslip handle ensures maximum control and comfort during use.

Utilize the Adjustable deMatting Tool for dog & cat as required for all coat types, guaranteeing optimal grooming results for your beloved pets.

Regular maintenance, encompassing tasks such as nail care and hair removal, is crucial for the upkeep of both your pet's appearance and your home's cleanliness.

The FURminator® deMatting Tool proves invaluable in tackling tangled hair that may accumulate in the absence of a consistent grooming routine. For optimal outcomes, integrate this tool with other FURminator® grooming products as part of a comprehensive grooming regimen.


  • SAFELY ELIMINATES MATTED HAIR: The curved cutting edges guarantee safe and effective elimination of mats, preventing discomfort for pets.
  • ADJUSTABLE FOR VERSATILITY: Utilize the FURextender™ button to adapt the edges for all coat types and lengths.
  • SUITABLE FOR ALL PETS: Designed for use with all dogs and cats.
  • TOUGH AND SCRATCH-RESISTANT: Crafted with durable stainless steel edges that resist scratching, ensuring a tool capable of handling challenging tasks.
  • RESULTS GUARANTEED: Enjoy guaranteed results or receive your money back. Refer to instructions for further details.

Directions For Use

  • To demat your pet, first start by adjusting the dematting cutting edges to the desired position appropriate for your pet’s hair length by pressing the FURextender button, and then locking into place with the easy-slide tab.
  • Move the mat breaker through fur mats following the grain of the hair, using brisk, firm strokes for best results. Continue until mats are broken up. Smaller mats will fall out on their own, or become small enough to remove with regular brushing.

Product Specification

Dimensions:- 5 x 2 x 8.875 inches


1. Is it a razor inside?
This tool is designed with durable, scratch-resistant, stainless steel edge. The curved cutting edges ensure safe and efficient removal of mats.

2. Can this be used on a short hair cat?
This tool is suitable for use with most hair types, long or short, thick or fine, and for many animal breeds. It is designed to remove matted hair from all dogs and cats.

3. Can this be used as a regular brush as well as a de-matter?
The Dematter tool can prevent mats from becoming worse and remove them completely. Grooming your dog daily with a brush or rake can go a long way to preventing the formation of mats. Once mats have been removed from dematting, it is easier to stay on top of detangling with regular brushing. FURminator detangling spray can make it easier to brush or comb out tangles.

4. How is the tool adjustable?
This tool allows you to adjust the dematting cutting edges to the desired position appropriate for your pet’s hair length. To adjust the angle, press the FURextender button, and then lock the blades into place with the easy-slide tab.