Furminator Short Hair De-Shedding Tool for Cats (Small)

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Furminator Short Hair De-Shedding Tool for Cats (Small)

Living with pets means being surrounded by pet hair. Loose hair shedding can be reduced by up to 90% with consistent use of FURminator® grooming solutions.

Specifically tailored for small, long-haired cats weighing under 10 pounds, the FURminator® deShedding Tool is designed to effectively remove shed hair and assist in minimizing hairballs, leading to a cleaner environment.

This tool is skillfully made to allow penetration through the topcoat, enabling the safe extraction of loose hair and undercoat without causing any damage to the coat or skin.* With its ergonomic handle, grooming is made effortless, while the FURejector® button ensures hair release is hassle-free.

FURminator® deShedding Tools can reduce loose hair by up to 90% with regular use. To achieve optimal results, weekly deShedding sessions are recommended to eliminate the undercoat and minimize shedding. When used in conjunction with other FURminator® grooming products, a comprehensive grooming routine can be established.


  • FOR SHORT-HAIR CATS: The small size should be chosen for cats under 10 pounds.
  • LOOSE HAIR REMOVAL: Loose hair and undercoat are safely and easily removed by the stainless steel deShedding edge, which penetrates through the topcoat without causing damage to the skin or cutting the skin.
  • FUREJECTOR® BUTTON: Hair is released with ease, simplifying the deShedding process.
  • SKIN GUARD: The skin guard prevents digging at the edges and conforms to your pet’s natural build and shape for comfort.
  • ERGONOMIC HANDLE: Comfortable and easy grooming is facilitated by the ergonomic handle.

Directions For Use

Step 1

  • Undercoat deShedding can be performed at any time on a pet with a completely dry coat, but for best results it is recommended to be performed immediately after washing or drying. FURminator® brand's extensive line of grooming products are designed to promote healthy skin and coats in pets, and significantly reduce the amount of hair that is being shed into the house with regular use.

Step 2

  • Before using the undercoat deShedding tool, perform a complete physical inspection of your pet. Look for sores, bruises and skin conditions, which you pet’s coat may conceal. If your pet has any of these conditions, seek treatment from a veterinarian before brushing. In addition, before using the undercoat deShedding tool, remove tangles or mats with FURminator® Fur Dematting Tool or Grooming Rake.

Step 3

  • Use the undercoat deShedding tool much like a brush, gently stroking across the pet’s coat in the direction of hair growth, angling the stainless steel teeth towards the coat. Start from your pet’s head and work your way back, using extra care near the stomach, legs, genitals, and anus. Avoid making excessive strokes in a single area, instead using fewer long, gentle strokes up and away from your pet’s skin. Although the Skinguard design prevents digging in at edges and helps the undercoat deShedding tool slide over skin, deep or rough brushing can still irritate pet skin, so avoid brushing with excessive pressure. If you notice any redness or irritation discontinue use.

Step 4

  • As undercoat hair is collected by your tool, excess hair can be removed from the teeth of the tool by pushing the FURejector® button.

Product Specification

Dimensions:- 2 x 5 x 8.75 inches


1. Can I use this to take cat hair off the carpet under my bed?
This deshedding tool is not intended to clean hair off carpet. It is designed for removing undercoat and loose hair on your pet only.

2. Does this brush also comb out matted fur on cats?
This grooming tool is intended to help remove your pet's undercoat and loose fur, and may not be ideal for matted fur. We recommend the FURminator Adjustable deMatter Dog & Cat Tool to safely and easily remove matted hair.