Furminator Short Hair De-Shedding Tool For Dogs (Small)

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Furminator for Short Hair De-Shedding Tool For Dogs

Revolutionize your pet care with the Furminator deshedding tool for dogs! Wave goodbye to stray hairs as this dog hair removal tool effortlessly exceeds other grooming tools for dogs. Its safe design avoids both skin cuts and topcoat damage, while the tailored grip ensures your comfort during use. Grooming your furry companion with a precision touch takes care of those pesky shedding and coat health. What's more,furminator adjustable dematter tool makes them look just right, so you wouldn't have to wait a bit before posting their pic on Instagram! With the FURejector button, quickly clean up simplicity meeting efficiency. Happy grooming!

Master the shed with the FURminator deshedding tool! Perfect for dogs, it zaps away loose fur without a hitch. The dog grooming accessories' slick design gently glides on your pup’s coat, encouraging a shinier appearance and less flyaway hair. The FURminator is not only for shedding purposes but, in contrast, is more of a 2-in-1 wonder, easily tackling fur and doubling as something much needed in dog ear hair removal. No more fuzz just snuggles!


  • Reduces shedding with regular use
  • Stainless-steel edge for effective deshedding
  • Ergonomic handle for comfortable grip
  • Curved edge conforms to pet's body
  • Safe: no cutting blades
  • Includes FURejector button for easy cleaning
  • For small dogs with short hair

Directions For Use

  • Step 1: Undercoat deShedding can be performed at any time on a pet with a completely dry coat, but for best results, it is recommended to be performed immediately after washing or drying. FURminator brand's extensive line of grooming products is designed to promote healthy skin and coats in pets, and significantly reduce the amount of hair that is being shed into the house with regular use.
  • Step 2: Before using the undercoat deShedding tool, perform a complete physical inspection of your pet. Look for sores, bruises, and skin conditions, which your pet’s coat may conceal. If your pet has any of these conditions, seek treatment from a veterinarian before brushing. In addition, before using the undercoat deShedding tool, remove tangles or mats with FURminator Fur Dematting Tool or Grooming Rake.
  • Step 3: Use the undercoat deShedding tool much like a brush, gently stroking across the pet’s coat in the direction of hair growth, angling the stainless steel teeth towards the coat. Start from your pet’s head and work your way back, using extra care near the stomach, legs, genitals, and anus. Avoid making excessive strokes in a single area, instead use fewer long, gentle strokes up and away from your pet’s skin. Although the Skinguard design prevents digging in at edges and helps the undercoat deShedding tool slide over the skin, deep or rough brushing can still irritate pet skin, so avoid brushing with excessive pressure. If you notice any redness or irritation discontinue use.
  • Step 4: As undercoat hair is collected by your tool, excess hair can be removed from the teeth of the tool by pushing the FURejector button.

Product Specification

Dimensions:- 2 x 6.5 x 8.75 inches


How often should I use FURminator for short hair dogs?

We recommend using the FURminator deShedding Tool 1-2 times a week for 10-20 minutes each session. You may need to use the FURminator deShedding Tool more frequently during heavy shedding seasons.

What is FURminator for Dogs?

FURminator is a special dog grooming tool designed to reduce shedding and keep a healthy coat. The stainless steel edge reaches through the topcoat easily and without damage to remove loose hair and undercoat without scratching his skin or ripping his topcoat.

Are FURminator Bad for Dogs?

When used properly, FURminators are typically safe and efficient grooming tools for dogs. Their purpose is to eliminate loose hair and minimize shedding without causing harm to the topcoat or causing irritation to the skin. Nevertheless, it is important to take certain factors into consideration.

  • Following the provided instructions is essential for correctly using the FURminator. Skin irritation or fur damage may occur with excessive force or frequent use.
  • Fur Type: Be sure to select the appropriate FURminator based on your dog's fur length (short, medium, or long). Using the incorrect tool may result in reduced effectiveness and potential harm.
  • Frequency: Overuse can lead to thinning of the coat and skin irritation. It’s recommended to use the FURminator once a week or as advised by your veterinarian or groomer.
  • Condition of the Dog's Coat and Skin: It is important to consult a veterinarian before using the FURminator on dogs with skin problems, wounds, or very sensitive skin.

When used properly, the FURminator is a great tool for keeping your dog's coat healthy and reducing shedding. Always follow the manufacturer's instructions and consult a specialist if unsure.

How to Use FURminator?

Using a FURminator correctly is important to ensure the safety and comfort of your dog while effectively reducing shedding. Here’s a step-by-step guide:

  1. Choose the Right Tool: Select the appropriate FURminator model based on your dog's coat length (short, medium, or long).
  2. Prepare Your Dog: Make sure your dog’s coat is clean and dry. Brush out any tangles or mats before using the FURminator.
  3. Find a Comfortable Spot: Place your dog in a comfortable position, either sitting or lying down. Ensure you are in a location where loose fur can be easily cleaned up.
  4. Start Gently: Hold the FURminator tool in one hand and gently stroke your dog’s coat in the direction of hair growth. Apply light pressure to avoid irritating the skin.
  5. Work in Sections: Work in small sections, starting from the neck and moving toward the tail. Be extra gentle around sensitive areas like the belly and legs.
  6. Use Short Strokes: Use short, gentle strokes to remove loose hair and undercoat. Avoid over-brushing the same area to prevent skin irritation.
  7. Empty the Tool: As the FURminator collects hair, press the FURejector button to release the fur from the tool. Dispose of the hair and continue grooming.
  8. Check for Redness or Irritation: Periodically check your dog’s skin for any signs of redness or irritation. If you notice any, stop using the tool and give your dog a break.
  9. Finish Up: Once you’ve covered the entire coat, give your dog a final brush with a regular brush to smooth the fur.
  10. Clean the Tool: After grooming, clean the FURminator tool according to the manufacturer’s instructions to keep it in good condition.

Using the FURminator once a week is usually sufficient for most dogs. Always follow the manufacturer’s guidelines and consult with a veterinarian or professional groomer if you have any concerns.