The Green Pet Shop Bonejour Bag Dispenser, One Size

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The Green Pet Shop Bonejour Bag Dispenser

Introducing "Bonejour" by Green Pet - where eco-friendly meets canine chic. Unveiling a vibrant line of collars, leashes, and dog poop bag dispenser crafted from recycled, reusable and sustainable materials, featured in our signature Pooie Vuiton print in striking colorways on both classic white and sleek black.

Our Bonejour poop bag dispenser pair perfectly with our Pooie Vuiton all-natural cornstarch eco-waste bags. Elevate your pup's style while promoting sustainability. It's not just a's a fashion-forward earth-friendly statement by our pets and their parents.


  • Stylish Design: The dispenser features a unique Bonejour design, adding a touch of fashion to your pet accessories collection.
  • Convenient Attachment: Easily attach the dispenser to your pet's leash, bag, or belt loop for easy access during walks or outdoor activities.
  • Easy Bag Dispensing: The dispenser allows for quick and hassle-free dispensing of waste bags, ensuring efficient cleanup on the go.
  • Durable Construction: Made from durable materials, the dispenser is built to withstand outdoor use and frequent handling.
  • Refillable: The dispenser is refillable, allowing you to use your preferred waste bags and replace them as needed.
  • Compact and Portable: The compact size and lightweight design make the dispenser easy to carry and transport wherever you go with your pet.
  • Hygienic Solution: The dispenser helps keep pet waste contained and allows for hygienic disposal, keeping your surroundings clean and tidy.


  • Material: Made from durable and eco-friendly materials.
  • Design: Stylish and compact design for convenient storage and use.
  • Capacity: Holds [number] waste bags for extended use.
  • Dispensing Mechanism: Easy-pull design for quick and hassle-free bag retrieval.
  • Attachment: Includes a clip for secure attachment to your dog's leash or belt loop.
  • Portability: Lightweight and portable for on-the-go use during walks or travels.
  • Durability: Sturdy construction to withstand outdoor conditions.
  • Compatibility: Compatible with most standard-sized waste bags.
  • Refillable: Refillable design for continuous use and waste bag replacement.
  • Color Options: Available in Black/Multi & White/Multi
  • Dimension: 4.25" x 2.75" x 2.75"

How To Use

  • Attach to Leash or Bag: Begin by attaching the Green Pet Bonejour Bag Dispenser to your pet's leash, bag, or belt loop using the provided attachment mechanism. Ensure that the dispenser is securely attached and easily accessible during walks or outings.
  • Insert Waste Bags: Open the compartment or slot designated for waste bags on the dispenser. Insert a new roll or stack of waste bags into the compartment, ensuring that the bags are properly aligned and ready for dispensing.
  • Pull Out a Bag: When it's time to clean up after your pet, simply pull out a waste bag from the dispenser. The bags are designed to dispense smoothly and easily for quick and efficient cleanup.
  • Secure Bag Closure: After using a waste bag, securely tie or seal the bag to contain the pet waste. Dispose of the bag in a designated waste bin or receptacle.
  • Refill as Needed: As you use up the waste bags, refill the Green Pet Bonejour Bag Dispenser with new bags as needed. Keep an eye on the bag supply to ensure you're always prepared for pet waste cleanup.
  • Clean and Maintain: Periodically clean the dispenser with mild soap and water to remove any dirt or residue. Ensure that the dispenser remains in good condition for long-lasting use.


What type of waste bags does the Green Pet Bonejour Bag Dispenser use?
The dispenser is designed to accommodate standard waste bags suitable for pet waste disposal. You can use your preferred brand or type of waste bags with the dispenser.

How do I refill the Green Pet Bonejour Bag Dispenser with waste bags?
To refill the dispenser, simply open the compartment or slot designated for waste bags and insert a new roll or stack of bags. Ensure that the bags are easily accessible for dispensing during walks or outings.

Can I attach the Green Pet Bonejour Bag Dispenser to any leash or accessory?
Yes, the dispenser features a convenient attachment mechanism that allows you to attach it to most leashes, bags, or belt loops for easy access and convenience during pet walks or outdoor activities.

Is the Green Pet Bonejour Bag Dispenser waterproof or water-resistant?
While the dispenser is designed to withstand outdoor use, it is not fully waterproof. It is recommended to protect the dispenser from heavy rain or submerging in water to maintain its durability and functionality.

How many waste bags can the Green Pet Bonejour Bag Dispenser hold?
The capacity of the dispenser depends on the size and type of waste bags used. It is designed to hold a sufficient amount of waste bags for multiple uses during walks or outings.

Is the dispenser suitable for use with other pet waste disposal methods, such as litter bags or biodegradable bags?
While the dispenser is primarily designed for standard waste bags, you can use it with compatible litter bags or biodegradable bags that fit the dispenser's dimensions and specifications.

Can I purchase replacement parts or accessories for the Green Pet Bonejour Bag Dispenser?
Please check with the manufacturer or retailer for information on availability of replacement parts or accessories for the dispenser, such as additional attachment clips or refills.