MyEcoPet Compostable Poop/Waste Bags With Dispenser For Dog (30 bags)

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MyEcoPet Compostable Poop/Waste Bags With Dispenser For Dog (30 bags)

MyEcoPet's Compostable Dog Poop/Waste Bags & Dispenser are crafted with at least 30% renewable plant-based materials—specifically, GMO-free corn—along with other ingredients that naturally decompose, leaving behind no harmful residues. These durable, extra-thick bags are designed to resist punctures and tears, ensuring you can handle your pet's waste without any leaks. By opting for compostable poop/waste bags and a dispenser, you're not only being a responsible pet owner but also a conscientious citizen. Mother Earth would certainly approve.


  • Compostable and non-toxic, these dog poop bags are safe for both worms and plants since it made from plant materials
  • The bags are wide, long, thick and tough enough to pick up all of your dog's waste.
  • Resistant to punctures and tears, preventing from any unfortunate splits, tears, or leakages.
  • Designed with an easy-to-open roll and a dispenser, removing bags is effortless.
  • Compatible with most standard-sized dispensers, and the dispenser easily attaches to leashes, belts, and handbags for convenient carrying.

Directions For Use

Designed to take care of business after your dog takes care of theirs.


1. What are MyEco® products made from?
MyEco® products are made from GMO free organic corn starch and natural plasticizers, like sorbitol and glycerol (also derived from plants), which is added to make our products softer and more flexible. Our products are natural and a renewable alternative to conventional plastic.

2. Is MyEco® as strong as a regular plastic bag?
Yes, the strength and thickness of a MyEco® product is comparable to a regular plastic bag. Our team of experts have spent years perfecting our products and continue to develop and improve our compostable technology.

3. What happens to MyEco® products in landfill?
Compostable bags disintegrate into organic matter anywhere, including in a landfill. The length of decomposition depends on specific conditions such as natural temperatures and soil-borne bacteria.
Although a MyEco® product can end up in landfill, the fact that they are natural, non-toxic and do not contribute to damaging microplastics or other harmful residues, still support creating a clean and better future.