Proanthozone Derm for Dogs 90 tablets

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Proanthozone Derm for Dogs

Proanthozone Derm is a bacon flavored skin and coat supplement that includes omega-3 fatty acids, antioxidants, and plant polyphenols. Proanthozone Derm aids dogs suffering from skin and coat issues, allergies, and dermatitis through the supply of antioxidants and spirulina.

Proanthozone Derm should not be used in cats. The formula includes alpha-lipoic acid, which may be harmful to cats. The quantity we utilize is under the harmful threshold, however, the potential long-term consequences at reduced levels remain unknown.


  • Contains antioxidants, fatty acids, and vitamins to support skin and coat health.
  • Palatable bacon flavor makes chewable tablets easy to administer.
  • Includes 90 tablets

Recommended Usage

* Double the maintenance usage for the first five days. If needed, the maintenance usage may also be doubled during acute phases. *

Weight Tablets / Day
1 - 25 lbs ½ tablet per day
26 - 50 lbs 1 tablet per day
51 - 80 lbs 2 tablets per day
Over 80 lbs 3 tablets per day

Tablets may be crumbled and mixed with pet's food to help with administration of supplement. As this product is a nutritional, significant response may not be noticeable for up to 3-4 weeks. Response depends on each animal.

Active Ingredients

Animal Liver Meal, Brown Rice Powder, Beef Powder, DL-alpha Tocopheryl Acetate, Cysteine, Freeze Dried Liver, Grape Seed Extract, Selenium Yeast, Torula Dried Yeast, Zinc Amino Acid Chelate, Manganese Amino Acid Chelate, Vitamin A Supplement.

Ingredient Facts

Bioflavanol - Bioflavanol, a plant polyphenol with oligomeric proanthocyanidin is an important free radical scavenger. It is one of the strongest antioxidants. It is very bioavailable, with traces appearing in the saliva within an hour after ingestion. Protects the health of your pet's organs, including the liver, kidneys, pancreas, digestive system and heart. The bioflavanol helps bridge the gap between broken collagen fibers, helping support flexibility in connective tissue. It nutritionally supports the health of the circulatory system by strengthening the walls of blood vessels, providing better nutrient delivery to cells.

Manganese - Manganese serves as an antioxidant as part of amanganese-basedsuperoxide dismutase. It is essential for the incorporation of essential sugars into the mucopolysaccharides (elastic connective tissues and lubricating fluids in the body)and is needed in the metabolism of fatty acids and cholesterol.

Zinc - An antioxidant necessary for supporting the body's healing function, essentialfor the synthesis of bone tissue, for healthy skin, and for immunity. It has been depleted in our agricultural soils over the years because it was not recognized as being of great importance until it was too late. Supplementation is important to achieve optimum intake.

Selenium - Selenium is a well-researchednutrient which has been identified as an essential component of the antioxidant enzyme glutathione peroxidase.This is one of the triumvirate of enzymes within the cell along with Superoxide dismutase (S.O.D.) and catalase which are continually required to disarm active forms of oxygen (free radicals) generated during the oxidative, energy producing cycles within the cell.

Vitamin A - Vitamin A possesses free radical scavenging capabilities. It provides maturation, tissue building and immune boosting nutritional support to your pet's body.

Vitamin E - Vitamin E is a well-established, heavily researched antioxidant essential to the survival of cell membranes. It blocks cross-linkingof cell membranes and thus helps preserve cellular vitality. It supports immune response.

Cysteine - An essential, sulfur containing amino acid. It works synergistically with glutathione in the liver to detoxify harmful chemicals or metals that can damage cells throughout the body. Supports healthy cell function in nerve tissue, the brain, and the immune system.Many of the metals are also pro-oxidants which accelerate aging. Cysteine helps "pull them out" before they can damage vital tissue.

Glutathione - Glutathione is a peptide containing three amino acids produced by the body. It is found in every cell of the body and protects cells in many ways. It neutralizes oxygen molecules before they can harm cells as free radicals. It combines with seleniumto form the enzyme, glutathione peroxidase, which neutralizes hydrogen peroxide (dangerous to the cells). Many studies and articles have been published about its essential role in defending both human and animal cells in the body. The most universal cause of glutathione deficiency is ageing. As the body ages, it either produces less, or it gets used up faster. Nature provides only small amounts in food, and the major source is what the body produces itself. Supplementation with glutathione is important, especially for older animals coping with a lifetime of accumulated free radical damage.

Guaranteed Analysis (Each Capsule Contains)

All values are minimum unless otherwise indicated

Manganese 1 mg
Zinc 1 mg
Selenium 0.02 mg
Vitamin A 1000 IU
Vitamin E 10 IU
Superoxide Dismutase* 20 mg
Cysteine* 20 mg
Bioflavonol* 10 mg
Glutathione* 5 mg

*Not recognized as an essential nutrient by the AAFCO Dog/Cat Food Nutrient


1. Are there any possible side effects associated with AHO products?

There are positive reports of use in a Lion-tailed Macaque and other birds, a dolphin, a giraffe, calves, rabbits, and pot-bellied pigs.

2. What are the sources of your flavoring?
The liver flavoring is from pork and the beef, bacon and beef and cheese flavors are vegetable based. The tuna flavoring is from fish.