Redmond First Aid All Natural Hydrated Clay for Horses (8 oz)

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Redmond First Aid All Natural Hydrated Clay for Horses (8 oz)

Accidents can happen to horses, resulting in cuts, bites, burns, and wounds on various parts of their body such as the legs and face. Being prepared with simple first aid measures, along with a reliable wound healing cream, can help prevent infection, scarring, and further damage to your horse.

Redmond First Aid ointment offers a completely natural solution, consisting solely of hydrated bentonite clay. Upon application, it provides immediate soothing relief and then begins to draw out heat and infection from wounds while alleviating pain. The clay also forms a protective seal over the affected area, shielding it from bacteria and flies. This helps prevent the formation of proud flesh and facilitates a swift and clean healing process. It is effective for treating various horse injuries including sores, cuts, open wounds, skin irritations, rope burns, insect bites and stings, and hoof abscesses.


  • A completely natural hydrated bentonite clay that supports natural healing.
  • Redmond First Aid acts as a natural analgesic, providing effective pain relief and ensuring your horse's comfort during injuries.
  • Apply to sores, open wounds, skin irritations, burns, and bites to draw out infection and prevent proud flesh.
  • Redmond First Aid is a valuable addition to your equine first aid kit, ideal for both horse and rider in case of trail ride mishaps.
  • Upon application, the clay seals the area, effectively warding off flies and bacteria from the affected area.

    Directions For Use

    First Aid for Horses is easy to apply! Just mound a thick layer over your horse’s wound and continue applying once or twice daily. A wrap can also be used to keep the clay moist and protect the wound. The clay will seal the affected area, draw out infection, repel flies and bacteria, and leave a clean repair.


    Hydrated Sodium Calcium Aluminosilicate


    1. How do I apply First Aid?
    Rinse any dirt and debris from the wound. Once dry, mound First Aid ¼- to ½-inch thick over the wound and taper it toward the edges. This helps seal the wound and keep the clay in place.

    2. Should I wrap the wound after applying First Aid?
    Yes, if possible. It’s best to cover First Aid with gauze and wrap the wound with vet wrap. This keeps the clay hydrated and protects the wound from further injury. If wrapping the wound isn’t feasible, that’s okay. Just reapply First Aid two to three times a day until the area is healed. Don’t worry about removing dried First Aid before reapplying; simply mound more clay over the top.

    3. What if my horse licks off First Aid?
    First Aid is completely natural, so if your horse eats it, no worries! The ingredients in First Aid are purified water and bentonite clay. That’s it. So it’s not only safe, but good! Our clay contains natural minerals and detoxifying abilities that benefit horses.

    4. How long should First Aid be left in place?
    If it’s applied without being wrapped, the clay will likely stay in place for an hour or two before sluffing off. Just reapply First Aid two to three times daily to encourage the healing process.