Tapeworm Dewormer for Dogs (5 Tablets)

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Product Description

Nobody wants their dog to suffer from worms, so the Bayer Tapeworm Dog De-Wormer provides effective at-home treatment. Designed to end the unpleasant problem once and for all, it safely removes the common tapeworms of dipylidium caninum and taenia pisiformis. It comes in an easy-to-administer tablet, which can be crumbled up and sprinkled into their food. It comes from the trusted Bayer brand, and is recommended for dogs over four weeks of age.


  • De-wormer tablet for dogs helps to safely remove common tapeworms.
  • Safe, at-home treatment removes dipylidium caninum and taenia pisiformis tapeworms.
  • Tablet form is easy to administer directly in the mouth or crumbled in food.
  • Each tablet contains 34mg of the active ingredient praziquantel. No prescription required.
  • From the trusted Bayer brand and safe for dogs over four weeks of age.


Isolated incident of either salvation or diarrhea have been reported following treatment but were considered non-significant. If these signs are observed and they persist, consult your veterinarian.

Directions for Use 

Administer orally to dogs and puppies* only as follows:

Body Weight

Number of Tablets

5 lbs and under


6-10 lbs


11-15 lbs

1 ½ 

16-30 lbs


31-45 lbs


46-60 lbs


Over 60 lbs


*Not intended for us in puppies less than 4 weeks of age.