The Missing Link Hip & Joint Supplement Powder For Dogs

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The Missing Link Dog Hip & Joint Supplement Powder

The Missing Link Hip & Joint Supplement For Dogs is a great blend designed to enhance joint health and increase mobility in your dog. This product has glucosamine, omega-3 fatty acids, and essential nutrients that promote joint health, reduce inflammation, and improve overall health. Including this powder in your dog's meal is a simple method to ensure your pet remains joyful and lively.

The Missing Link Hip & Joint Supplement Powder For Dogs is a great option for enhancing your dog's joint health and mobility. This product supports joint health, reduces inflammation, and enhances overall well-being through the use of glucosamine, omega-3 fatty acids, and key nutrients. Be sure to incorporate The Missing Link into your dog's daily routine to promote a joyful, energetic, and cozy life for your furry friend.


  • Contains glucosamine, omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids, dietary fiber, and a combination of vitamins and minerals for promoting joint health and overall well-being.
  • Advantages: Aids in joint health and mobility, decreases inflammation, boosts healthy cartilage, and improves overall welfare.
  • Appropriate for dogs of all ages, especially beneficial for dogs with joint problems or older dogs in need of additional joint assistance.
  • Packaging is offered in various sizes to meet different requirements, guaranteeing a consistent supply for your dog's health routine.

Feeding Instructions:

Add The Missing Link to your dog's diet according to its weight. Due to the high fiber content, start with small amounts and gradually increase to the recommended level over a week or two.

Daily Intake

1 teaspoon per 25 lbs. of body weight.

Weight Daily Feeding (tbsp)
Up to 10 lbs ½
21-40 lbs 1
41-80 lbs 3
80-100 lbs 4

This product is intended for intermittent or supplemental feeding only.


Alfalfa, Barley Grass, Beef Liver, Carrot, Lecithin, Molasses, Natural Flavoring, Oyster, Salmon, Soy Lecithin, Sunflower Seed.

Calorie Content (calculated) ME:

4,696 kcal/kg NE = 12.5 kcal/tsp.

Guaranteed Analysis:
Crude Protein 18.0% min
Crude Fat 28.0% min
Crude Fiber 15.0% max
Moisture 10.0% max
Omega-3 Fatty Acids 12.5% min
Omega-6 Fatty Acids 5.0% min
Glucosamine 5.0% min


How often should I give my dog The Missing Link Hip & Joint Supplement?

To achieve optimal results, it is recommended to incorporate the supplement into your dog's everyday meals.

Is this supplement effective for dogs of all ages?

This supplement works well for dogs of every age, with particular benefits for older dogs or those with joint problems.

Could this supplement potentially relieve arthritis symptoms in dogs?

Indeed, the addition of glucosamine and omega-3 fatty acids in a supplement can potentially decrease inflammation and promote healthy joints, thereby possibly reducing symptoms of arthritis.

Does The Missing Link Hip & Joint Supplement Powder contain any artificial additives?

This product only contains natural ingredients and does not include any artificial preservatives, colors, or flavors.

What is the correct way to store this supplement?

Keep the supplement in a cool, dry place, and make sure the container is tightly closed to preserve its freshness.