ZENIDOG Calming Pheromone Gel-Diffuser for Dogs

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ZENIDOG Calming Pheromone Gel-Diffuser for Dogs

ZENIDOG Gel Diffuser mimics the natural, calming pheromones released by nursing mother dogs. The calming effect helps dogs of all ages feel comfortable and secure in stressful situations. 

ZENIDOG Gel Diffuser allows for 2 months of calming effects. It is portable and can be placed where your dog spends most of its day. Diffusion may vary depending on environmental conditions. Replace every 2 months. 


  • Marked improvement of stress-related behaviors starting at day 7
  • Lasts up to two months (twice as long as the main competitor)
  • Eco-friendly: No electricity required and packaged in a recyclable box
  • Effective in rooms up to 750 square feet
  • Achieved pet owner satisfaction rates and perception of positive results comparable to the main competitor
  • Discreet appearance and no perceptible odor to humans

Directions for Use

1. Remove the sleeve following the cutting line

2. Remove the clear plastic cover from the lid

3. Place the jar out of reach in the room your dog spenders most of their day

Replace every 2 months