AOE Animal Odor Eliminator Spray (8 oz)

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AOE Animal Odor Eliminator Spray

A.O.E Animal Odor Eliminator - Veterinary approved deodorizer for on the animal odors such as pet anal gland secretion. Great for the pet who likes to roll in stinky stuff. Great to use directly on the animal between bathings. Fresh cedar fragrance. A non-enzymatic formula that is safe for pets and people. Also available in a Gallon Refill or 80ct Wipes.


  • Helps to clean up your pet’s derrière.
  • Can be used in cages and also on fabrics, carpets and even directly on your paw-tner!
  • Completely non-toxic and biodegradable so it’s safe for your pet and the environment.
  • A great deodorizer for clinics, shelters, groomers, kennels and homes with one or more furry family members.
  • Non-enzyme formula is designed to remove odor, not mask it.

Directions For Use

  • Eliminates odors on the animal including anal gland secretion, tom cat spray, necrotic tissue, urine, feces, emesis, etc.
  • For quick, permanent results spray directly on the source of the odor (on the animal, accident area, bedding, cage, litter) or anywhere odor exists. If odor persists after A.O.E. has dried, the source of the odor has not been reached. Continue to reapply as necessary.
  • Use as an air freshener for quick but temporary relief by spraying two or more times in the air.


Contains water, proprietary essential oil blend and preservatives.