VETRADENT Dental Wipes (60 ct)

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Product Description

Vetradent Dental Wipes are scientifically formulated with Biotrate™ Technology to control tartar by working against bacteria and altering the environment in the pet’s oral cavity. Vetradent Dental Wipes large size make it easy to remove tartar and build-up, and remove bacterial growth.


  • Biotrate Technology is unique because it works against bacteria by altering the environment in the oral cavity
  • Wipes have a natural, organic vanilla flavoring that your pet will enjoy
  • Vetradent contains zinc chloride to help reduce bad breath and citric acid to maintain the pH balance in the mouth
  • Large wipes easily assist in removal of tartar build-up and reduce bacterial growth

Directions for Use

Use daily for best results.


Active(s): Sodium Citrate, Citric Acid, Zinc Chloride.