Douxo Micellar Ear Solution

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Product Description

DOUXO Micellar Solution is a gentle cleansing formula that helps keeps the most sensitive skin and ears clean.  Use DOUXO Micellar to clean ear canals, eye contours, soiled and matted hair, skin folds, and greasy skin associated with seborrheic conditions.  
DOUXO Micellar Solution contains micellar technology to gently lift away dirt and debris without stripping, drying or irritating the skin.  


  • Gently cleans, soothes and degreases
  • Helps emulsify and rinse out oily, waxy debris
  • Helps restore the skin barrier
  • Cleans and hydrates the skin

Directions for Use

Shake well before use.  For ear cleaning, ask your veterinarian which of the following protocols is best for your pet:

1) Moisten a cotton ball with solution and place in the entrance of the ear canal; OR

2) Hold the ear flap upwards and fill the ear canal with solution.

Then gently massage the base of the ear for 60 seconds. Remove the cotton ball (if used) and allow the pet to shake its head.  Gently wipe away visible debris and excess solution with a clean, dry cotton ball.

To clean other areas of the skin, moisten absorbent material with solution and gently wipe the area to cleanse and remove debris.  Repeat as necessary until clean.

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