KlearOtic Ear Cleanser (4 oz)

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Product Description

KlearOtic Ear Cleanser is a gentle, ceruminolytic ear cleanser useful for Ceruminous Otitis and when removing debris from ears infested with Otodectes. A routine ear cleaner for dogs and cats that has a gentle non-acidic formula that removes wax and debris from the ear canal.


  • Clean, healthy ears are less likely to become infected
  • Formulated for dogs and cats
  • Non-ototoxic
  • Non-acidic
  • Gentle ceruminolytic

Directions for Use 

SHAKE WELL. Apply to the ear canal and gently, but firmly, massage the base of the ear. Use a cotton ball to remove excess solution. Repeat as necessary or as directed by veterinarian. Use routinely to help prevent wax build up. 


Active ingredients: 22% squalene (A natural, organic ceruminolytic, used to break down waxy build up (cerumen))

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