For-Bid Coprophagia Deterrent

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Product Description

FOR-BID is a Coprophagia Deterrent for Pets

It helps deter dogs, cats and other pets from eating their or other animals stools.

For over 40 years FOR-BID has set the industry standard for Anti-Coprophagia treatment products.


  • VET RECOMMENDED FOR OVER 60 YEARS - Veterinarian professionals recommend For-Bid to pet owners as a safe and effective way to deter their furry friends from unhealthy habits
  • EASY TO USE - Simply sprinkle onto pet food as directed and you’re done! Typically effective in under 1 week. May require 2-3 weeks of additional treatment depending on the underlying cause of your pets poop eating behaviors
  • DOESN’T ALTER NORMAL DIGESTION - Will not alter the taste or scent of your pets food. Animals with special dietary needs or medical issues should consult with Veterinarian before using
  • REDUCES BAD BREATH - For-Bid helps keep your pet both clean and healthy inside and out by deterring repellent behaviors
  • THE ORIGINAL - Developed in 1960, For-Bid was the first product of its kind on the market and remains the industry standard for anti-coprophagia treatment. We’re proud to be 100% Made in America

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