Peanut Butter Retriever Roll (9-11")

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All of our flavored items are flavored in our facility in Michigan. Our flavoring process is truly “Small Batch”. Most rawhides are flavored by placing the items on a conveyor belt and spraying a color on them. Our hand crafted treats are different. We use human grade flavoring. Each piece is submerged in a vat of flavoring solution, so the flavoring goes all the way through the item. It is much more labor intense, but the quality is superior. Millions of dogs agree!

These long-lasting natural chews are great for promoting dental health in your dog and satisfy their natural chewing instinct. 


  • These tasty dog treats help satisfy a dog’s chewing needs and are healthy for teeth and gums
  • First quality rawhide, handmade in Mexico, then flavored in our Michigan facility
  • Our flavored rawhide is hand dipped in human grade flavoring, not sprayed on or basted
  • Hand dipping process allows the flavoring to go all the way through the roll, not just on the outside
  • No harmful chemicals or additives are used in any part of the production process

*Always monitor your dog when giving any type of chew

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