Prascend (pergolide) Tablets for Horses

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Prascend (pergolide) Tablets for Horses

Prascend Tablets for Horses is a dopamine receptor agonist that works to help control the signs of PPID —also known as Cushing’s disease— in your horse. PPID is known to affect over 20% of older horses and ponies, generally over the age of 15 years old. Prascend Tablets for Horses can offer you an easy and effective way to help manage symptoms, while also helping to treat the pain and discomfort associated with Cushing’s disease. Unmanaged Cushing’s disease in your horse can impact her overall health and wellbeing, including weight loss and delayed shedding. Horses treated with Prascend Showed improved clinical signs within 3 months with 75% of cases considered treatment successes.

Possible Side Effects

To read more about possible side effects, please review the package insert.

Recommended Dosage

Use as directed by your veterinarian. Administer PRASCEND (pergolide tablets) orally at a starting dose of 2 mcg/kg once daily. Dosage may be adjusted to effect, not to exceed 4 mcg/kg daily. The tablets are scored and the calculated dosage should be provided to the nearest one-half tablet increment. See prescribing information for more dosing instructions.

Storage Instructions

Store at 68F- 77 F (20-25 C). Excursions between 59 F- 86 F (15-30 C) are permitted.

Prescription items are NON-RETURNABLE and NON-REFUNDABLE.

Please note product may arrive in a Hardy Paw Pharmacy vial, manufacturer packaging is shown for reference.

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