Aerodawg Aerosol Chamber for Dogs with Asthma

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Small Dogs up to 20lbs with 2 masks
Large Dogs over 20lbs with 2 masks

Aerodawg Aerosol Chamber for Dogs

The AeroDawg Chamber enables you to manage your dog’s asthma, chronic bronchitis, allergic rhinitis and other respiratory conditions with targeted delivery of inhaled medications to the lungs – just like human children. Designed specifically for dogs and their pet parents, the vet-tested and dog-approved AeroDawg Chamber makes using inhaled medications easy and safer than the side effects of pilling with prednisone. The AeroDawg Chamber is designed to help you and your dog continue to have happy, playful lives together.

How it Works

The AeroDawg Chamber is designed for dogs to work with metered dose inhalers (MDIs). The AeroDawg Chamber captures and holds the medication in the chamber until your dog breathes it in.

1. Mask keeps a tight seal- Comes with two sizes of animal masks to fit all types of dogs, which ensures a proper seal and avoids getting any medication on their skin, fur and eyes.

2. Chamber holds the medication- The chamber is designed to hold medication longer for pets with smaller lung capacity, those who may be in distress or who need extra time to take their first breath.

3. Flow-Vu indicator helps count breaths- The patented Flow-Vu indicator shows you that your dog is taking their medication correctly, whether there’s a proper mask seal, and how many breaths they’re taking.

Fitting Your Dog

How to Use

Canine asthma is treated like asthma in humans – with corticosteroids to reduce inflammation and often bronchodilators to open the airways up during an asthma attack.

Since dogs can’t use a puffer or metered dose inhaler the same way humans do, they need a chamber, also called a spacer, with a mask.

There are many ways to help your dog get used to using their inhaler and AeroDawg Chamber, including playing, hugs and treats. The AeroDawg Chamber also allows you to “puff” the inhaler medication into the chamber away from your dog to avoid making a sound your dog may not understand or like.

Once you’ve followed our tips and tricks to get your dog used to the inhaler, don’t be surprised if your dog comes running when it’s time to give them their medication. With a little practice and love, this becomes an easy part of helping your dog lead a healthy and happy life.

How to Clean

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