AniMed AniPrin F Flavored Powder For Horses (5 lb)

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AniMed AniPrin F- Flavored Powder For Horses

AniMed Aniprin F Powder is a USP aspirin powder blended in a sweet molasses-flavored base for increased palatability. Aspirin aids in reducing fever and in relieving minor muscular aches and joint pains in horses. 


  • Suitable for horses of all Classes.
  • Works to serve as a fever reduction for your horse.
  • An aspirin USP powder, this supplement is easy-to-administer by simply adding it to your horse’s feed.
  • Can aid in the relieving minor muscle aches and pains in your horse.
  • Can help assist in treating your horse’s minor joint pain.
  • Made with a sweet molasses base, your horse is sure to love the taste

Directions for Use

Shake well before use. Administer orally. Can be mixed with feed.
For mature horses and cattle: give 4 to 8 tablespoons 2 to 3 times daily (2 1/2 tablespoons measures approx. 1 oz.), or as recommended by a veterinarian.


Acetylsalicyclic Acid, Usp...17,010 Mg In A Palatable Base.

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