AniMed Vitamin E Powder For Horses (5 lb)

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AniMed Vitamin E Powder For Horses

AniMed Vitamin E Powder is an equine nutritional supplement used to support optimal immune system function in horses. Vitamin E is also essential for supporting the normal function of the reproduction, muscular, circulatory, and nervous systems. Vitamin E requirements of horses can be affected by many factors such as feed quality, time of the year, and stress. Vitamin E Powder contains one of the highest levels of vitamin E available in a dry form, useful for periods of reduced feed intake or when additional vitamin E is needed. 


  • Suitable For Horses of all classes.
  • Essential for horses with primary forage coming from hay, with little or no grazing.
  • Antioxidant that fights Free Radical effects.
  • Prevents oxidative damage in muscles.
  • Keeps muscles, nerves, and immune systems functioning smoothly.

Directions For Use

One Tablespoon provides 625 IU's of Vitamin E. The large end of the enclosed scoop measures 1 tablespoon.

Feed desired amount with regular feed.


Dl-alpha tocopheryl acetate, calcium carbonate, natural plant fiber, magnesium-mica, and mineral oil.

Guaranteed Analysis per ounce
  • 1,250 IU of Vitamin E per oz.
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