Beef Trachea 6”

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6” - Single
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One of our most popular, “Single Ingredient” items, Beef Trachea is a good source of natural Glucosamine, so it may help relieve your dog’s joint pain. All of our “Single Ingredient” items are made in the USA with just one ingredient.

Our raw materials are tested for quality, 100% natural, and produced in a USDA certified facility.

No added salt, sugar, flavors, preservatives, or coloring.

These products will satisfy your dogs’ natural urge to chew and promote dental health by cleaning their teeth and gums. Always supervise your dog when they are chewing a treat.

Frank’s Review- “Oh my! This is one of my favorite treats! Amazing flavor and it teases a little bit before becoming soft. Leaves a long, almost buttery finish on the back of my tongue. Ahhhh.”

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