Bronco Equine Fly Spray Plus Citronella Scent (32 oz)

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Bronco Equine Fly Spray Plus Citronella Scent

When it comes to fly control, Farnam Bronco e Water-Based Fly Spray is a staple for every stable! This flexible spray is a go-to-solution that's perfect for horses, dogs and stables alike. The fast-acting formula helps kill six types of flies—stable, horse, face, deer, house and horn—along with gnats, ticks, fleas, chiggers and lice. It also works to repel itchy, bloodsucking mosquitos. The water-based formula is non-oily and leaves behind a pleasant citronella scent that continues to keep bugs away. To use, simply wipe or spray on horses, ponies, foals and in horse barns or stables in need of fly protection. Bronco e is your effective, economical answer to multi-purpose fly prevention. Bugs don't fly with Farnam.


  • Defend against disease with an effective spray that helps kill and repel six fly species, gnats, ticks, deer ticks, fleas, chiggers, lice and mosquitoes.
  • This multi-purpose insecticide and repellent offers protection for your horses, dogs and premises all in one convenient bottle.
  • Non-oily, water-based spray with citronella scent won't leave behind a greasy residue.
  • Help decrease the fly population in and around your barn by applying in doorways, on surfaces or as a mist in the air.
  • Use the gallon refill (sold separately) as a premise spray to enjoy extra protection throughout your stable or trailer.

Directions For Use

Directions for trigger spray use Remove excess dirt and dust. Apply light spray mist to coat while brushing lightly against lay of the hair. Avoid spray in eyes and mucous membranes. Apply with sponge or cloth to those areas.


Prallethrin, Permethrin, Piperonyl Butoxide, Methyl, cyclopent, Trans Chrysanthemate, Carboxylate.