Bull Stick, Regular, 10-12”

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Product Description

Our All- natural single ingredient bull sticks are one of our most popular dog treats. They are slow roasted to cook the stick to perfection, and lock in lots of flavor. Bull Sticks are high in protein.

There is no artificial flavor, color, chemicals, or preservatives.

They help promote healthy teeth and gums by massaging the gums and removing plaque and tartar from teeth. They’re suitable for mild, moderate, or aggressive chewers.

Bull sticks can be a little messy, so we recommend using them on a hard surface or outside. Always supervise your dog when they are chewing a treat.


  • All Natural
  • No artificial flavor, color, chemicals, or preservatives.
  • Great for Dental Health
  • Satisfies Natural Chewing Desire

*Always supervise your pet when giving chews

Frank’s Review- “These sticks are one of my favorite treats! They give me a long lasting chewing challenge, loaded with flavor. They remind me of working on the cattle ranch in my youth. Those bulls could be so fiesty! The finish is long lasting, with flavor lingering a long time.”

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