Capstar Oral Flea Treatment for Dogs over 25 lbs (6 Doses)

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Capstar Oral Flea Treatment for Dogs

Capstar (nitenpyram) is a fast-acting flea treatment available in tablet form for dogs and cats. Capstar starts killing fleas in just 30 minutes, killing a majority of adult fleas within the span of hours. This treatment kills adult fleas that may cause flea allergy dermatitis.  It is safe to give as often as once a day if your pet gets re-infested with fleas and can be given with or without food.


  • Active ingredient Nitenpyram starts working within 30 minutes and kills adult fleas within 4 hours for dogs.
  • Safe for puppies four weeks and older and weighing at least 2 pounds; also safe for pregnant or nursing pets.
  • A single dose should eliminate current infestation, but may be given up to once per day if your pal gets fleas again.
  • Easy to give tablet with no messes or odors.
  • Unused tablets can be safely stored to keep their potency.

Directions for Use

A single dose of CAPSTAR® (nitenpyram) should kill the adult fleas on your pet. If your pet gets reinfested with fleas, you can safely give another dose as often as once per day. Please refer to the package insert for complete information.