Cow Cheek Natural - 10-12”

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10-12” - Single
10-12” - 3-pack

Natural Flavor- Our Cow Cheeks are a “Single Ingredient” item made from the cheek of a cow. They are lightweight and easier to digest than rawhide, but still a long lasting treat. They’re suitable for mild, moderate, or aggressive chewers. Cow Cheeks are high in protein and collagen, low in fat.

There is no artificial flavor, color, chemicals, or preservatives. They help promote healthy teeth and gums by massaging the gums and removong plaque and tartar from teeth. These are quickly becoming one of our best sellers.

Frank’s Review- “Whoa! Talk about a mouthful! These cheek rolls are huge, and very challenging to chew. But they’re so good I want to keep chewing. The finish is light, but still enjoyable.”