Dr Marty Freeze Dried Raw Dog Treat Bundle!



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Product Description 

We've bundled some of Dr Marty's popular premium, freeze-dried treats! These morsels provide nutrition that naturally supports strong muscles, a healthy coat, and spunky energy. Plus, even picky-eaters find them mouth-wateringly delicious!

Many brands pack their treats with preservatives, additives, fillers, and grains. These ingredients can lead to health issues over time.

Each treat is single ingredient for your pup to enjoy! These incredible proteins is naturally full of protein and vital minerals to fuel your dog’s youthful energy, nourish their coat, and support their healthy muscles.

Plus, each bite is naturally grain free and contains zero preservatives, additives, or fillers. They’re just pure, premium cuts of pork liver your pup will love.

 This bundle includes: 

- Tilly’s Treasures Freeze Dried Beef Liver Treats (4 oz)
- Red’s Rewards Freeze Dried Pork Liver Treats (4 oz)
- Cod Crispies Freeze Dried Raw Dog Treats (4 oz)


Red's Rewards - Pork Liver

Tilly's Treasures - Beef liver

Cod Crispies - Cod Skin