Durvet Aim-L VetCaps 10mL 30 Count

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Product Description

AiM-L VetCaps offer proven effective control of horn flies and biting and sucking lice on beef cattle greater than 600 lbs. The AiM-L (Advanced Insecticide Management with Lambda-cyhalothrin and piperonyl butoxide) VetCaps System is made up of two components: AiM-L VetCaps and a VetGun (sold separately). Provides a first-of-its-kind, convenient, stress-free, whole-herd horn fly control option that saves you time and helps reduce your labor costs.

Directions for Use

Capsules can be applied with VetGun from 15-30 feet away and burst upon contact with the animal. Aim to apply capsule to the middle of the side of animal's body anywhere between front shoulders and 6" ahead of the base of the tail. Can be repeated as often as needed, but not more than once every 2 weeks and not more often than 4 times within a 6 month period. No slaughter withdrawal.

AiM-L and AiM-A VetCaps (sold separately) can be rotated as part of an effective resistance management program.


Lambda cyhalothrin, Piperonyl Butoxide