Finish Line Stretch Run for Endurance Power & Recovery Paste for Horses (2 oz)

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Finish Line Stretch Run for Endurance Power & Recovery Paste for Horses

When top performance and energy matter, the Finish Line Stretch Run Horse Supplement offers stamina, endurance and recovery support. This supplement is specially formulated for performance horses who need to put in a top athletic performance during an event. This formula contains vitamin B12 and ribose, which are the building blocks of ATP, the chemical that provides horsepower to muscle contraction and other body processes. The syringe makes for easy feeding, and if you feed it two to eight hours before an event, it can support all of the conditioning work that you’ve already done to prepare your horse.


  • Offers stamina, endurance and recovery support for horses during a competition or race.
  • Specially formulated for performance horses.
  • Contains vitamin B12 and ribose, the building blocks of ATP.
  • Use 2 to 8 hours before a race or event.
  • Syringe makes for easy, convenient feeding.

Directions For Use

Give the full 2-oz contents of the syringe by mouth 2 hours before event.

Active Ingredients:

Vibose Blend (Proprietary Blend of Cyanocobalamin and Ribose)

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