First Companion Equi-Dex Orange Flavor Electrolyte for Horse Supplement

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Equi-Dex Orange Flavor Electrolyte for Horse Supplement

An added source of salt and minerals including calcium, dextrose, magnesium, and potassium essential for bodily activity. Electrolytes are a crucial supplement to maintain hydration, muscle function, and overall welfare. Available in apple and orange flavors and a cherry-flavored drench paste for fast-acting relief!


  • 30 lb. pail orange electrolyte
  • Supplements are also available in apple and cherry flavors.
  • Electrolyte provides additional electrolyte salts and trace minerals that may be lost through dehydration

Directions For Use

Mix 1 scoop (2 oz or 56.8 g) in horse’s feed or drinking water at the rate of 1 scoop (2 oz or 56.8 g) per 10 gallons. Replace lid after each use.


Salt (Sodium Chloride), Potassium Chloride, Magnesium Sulfate, Potassium Sulfate, Dextrose, Artificial Flavor, Artificial Coloring.

Guaranteed Analysis

Calcium (min) 0.25%
Calcium (max) 0.75%
Salt (NaCl) (min) 66.00%
Salt (NaCl) (max) 71.00%
Sodium (min) 24.0%
Sodium (max) 28.0%
Chloride (min) 39.0%
Chloride (max) 43.0%
Magnesium (min) 0.40%
Dextrose (min) 4.00%