First Companion Thrushtox Thrush Remedy for Horses (16 oz)

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First Companion Thrushtox Thrush Remedy for Horses

If your horse or pony is battling stinky, painful thrush, First Companion's Thrushtox Horse Antifungal Ointment can help to get him feeling better. This thrush treatment is super easy to use, and it’s safe for horses in any life stage. It’s water-resistant without need for bandaging, so you can apply it before your horse gets turned out without worrying about it losing its effectiveness. This treatment is safe and effective in all environmental and weather conditions, so treating your horse is simple and easy.


  • Thrush treatment for horses and ponies.
  • Water-resistant with no need for bandaging.
  • Can be used in all environmental and weather conditions.
  • Safe for use in horses of all life stages.
  • Anti-fungal.

Directions For Use

Clean the hoof thoroughly, removing debris and necrotic material prior to application of Thrushtox. Apply daily to affected hoofs with a narrow paint brush (about 1-in) until fully healed.


Copper Naphthenate 37.5%