Formula 707 Restore Paste Electrolyte For Horses (60 cc)

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Formula 707 Restore Paste Electrolyte For Horses (60 cc)

Restore Electrolyte Paste helps restore minerals to your horse that have been lost during times of stress, hard exercise, or sweating.


  • Quickly restores mineral balance.
  • Can be used during intense workouts.
  • Convenient for when you are traveling.
  • Electrolytes chelated to amino acids for rapid bioavailability.

Directions For Use

Insert paste as far to the rear of the mouth as practical. Deliver entire syringe, or give half one hour before the event and half immediately after. After administration you may rinse the horse’s mouth with syringe filled with water if desired.


Amino Acid Chelates with Electrolytes, Calcium 600mg, Magnesium 600mg, Potassium 2g, Sodium Chloride 4g, L-Glutamine 100mg, Amino Acid 22g, Molasses base.